Georg Maas mainly works as a writer/director for feature films and documentaries.

He also directed music videos, created video installations and works as a cameraman, editor and script doctor.

You can download his CV and an overview on his work here:

1960 Born in Aachen
1979 Abitur (university entrance diploma)
1979 – 1982 Apprenticeship as a carpenter, journeyman’s diploma
1982 – 1984 Work with youths in a center for homeless people
1984 – 1991 Student at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB)
1994 Seminars at the European Film Academy: ”Acting in Close Ups” lead by Istvàn Szabo and Tilda Swinton; ”Six Actors In Search For A Director” lead by Krzysztof Kieslowski
1997 Co-founder of S.R.A.L (Actors – Directors – Authors – Laboratory)
2000 Seminar with Wojciech Marczewski: ”Ways Of Seeing Actors” (organized by FOCAL and Master School Drehbuch)
2003 Step by Step – Screenwriting Master Class in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
2006 EKRAN Masterclass of Film Directing at the Andrej Wajda Film School in Warzawa
2013 His feature film TWO LIVES is the Official German Entry for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film and gets on the shortlist
2014 TWO LIVES wins the Bronze Lola for best feature film at the German Film Awards
2015 – 2020 Development of 4 Feature films; writing of the 4 screenplays
2020 – 2022 Casting and Financing
2023 Preproduction, Shooting and Postproduction of: THE GLORY OF LIFE
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